Rostov Kremlin
Museum under the State protection "Rostov Kremlin" included into the State Code of especially valuable objects of cultural heritage of Russia
Rostov Kremlin is placed in the center of Rostov Veliky (the Great), on the hill of the side of the Lake Nero. The Kremlin consistod of three independent areas. The central one (Bishop's Yard) is fenced by high walls with towers. Two other smaller parts are: north-Sobomaya Square; soth-territory of Gregory Seclusion. In the second half of the 17th century in the time of Metropolitan Ioan Sysojevich these three parts were united and the integral architectural ensemble was created. High fortress walls with 11 towers enclose metropolitan residence. Above the solemn gate from the south and west temples flanked with towers. Metropolitan Chambers, personal church, "palace for grand sovereigns' advents and others set inside the yard. Metropolitan Residence is one of the best Old Russian ensembles reached our days. It combines masterpieces of Old Russian architecture and monumental painting. In Rostov Bishop's Yard (Rostov Kremlin) there is Museum under the State protection "Rostov Kremlin" which is included into the State Code of especially valuable objects of cultural heritage of Russia.
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